We proudly offer locally sourced and responsibly-raised meats, seafood, and produce.

Working closely with local farmers and foragers ensures that all of our products are fresh and of the highest quality.

In no particular order.

Some of our local partners include:

Kilgus Family Farmstead

The Kilgus Farmstead in Fairbury IL provides most of our meat products. Their Jersey beef and Berkshire hogs form the backbone of our sustainable meat program. We also carry their milk, buttermilk and heavy cream. More information can be found here

Garden Gate Farms

Doug and Beth of Garden Gate Farm in Fairbury IL grow our pastured turkeys, and much of our local produce comes from their small plot of polyculture garden.

Hufendick Farms

Mike and Deb Hufendick grow a little of everything, from Berkshire hogs to Angus beef. Although they’re a little busy with their new butcher shop in Plainfield, IL, we do sometimes have their hogs especially.

Pleasant Hill Bees

Our golden honey is usually from Pleasant Hill Bees in Wisconsin. Tom Kuntz is an Oak Park resident who has a hobby farm there, and his bees make awesome honey,

Odd Produce

Much of our foraged goods, including wild mushrooms, comes courtesy of Dave Odd of Odd Produce. Dave is a professional forager and provides hand-picked products for Chicago’s premier restaurants. He also offers foraging tours for Chicagoland, and has a plot called the “Land of Odd” in Kankakee IL where he does foraging/survival weekends

Skuna Bay

Craft Raised salmon set in the beautiful river mouths in Vancouver, Skuna Bay leads the way in sustainable salmon farming. Their salmon is the very, very best Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) we’ve ever seen, and their farming practices keep the product environmentally responsible and healthy for consumers.

Spence Farms

Marty Travis is the face of Spence Farms/Stewards of the Land and about a dozen other farm aggregators and farm support organizations in Fairbury IL. His farm produces amazing produce, foraged goods and the rare American Guinea Hog. Featured in the documentary Sustainable, Marty brings us products from his farm as well as dozens of other small farms in the Fairbury area.

Dark Matter Coffee

Owned by Oak Parkers and with locations all over the city, Dark Matter roasts the most unique coffee in Chicagoland. We have several of their whole bean varieties in 12oz bags all the time, and we offer their concentrated, canned iced coffee in our refrigerated case to enjoy over ice.

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks is dedicated to enriching life and community. They exist to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they live, work, learn, grow and connect within their community. And Oh man, their pickles are good. Find them in our refrigerated case

Klug Farm

Farm fresh produce from St Joseph MI, we have farmers market quality produce from Klug farm when the season is right.

Silver Creek farm

Tony from Silver Creek is a new generation of farmer - He’s not even 20 years old at the time of this writing (2019). His aquaponic system raises fresh tilapia and bluegill, along with outstanding salad mix. His farm is just getting established so right now his products are not always available, but with our support it won’t be long until he loads us with good stuff.

Rushing Waters Fisheries

Located in the beautiful Kettle Morraine area of southern Wisconsin, Rushing Waters has been producing sustainable rainbow trout for decades. A completely sealed and sustainable, outdoor pond system naturally rears amazing trout. Call us a day ahead for best availability

Riverence Steelhead

A new product for us, available usually on a day’s notice - Riverence is a sustainable steelhead farm in Washington state. Pushing the boundaries of trout farming, this sustainable farm produces a few different Rainbow Trout/Steelhead (Oncorhyncus Mykiss) products, all of which are amazing.

Copper Shoals Redfish Farm

Pristine redfish from Texas, this protected species is sustainably raised in inland, seawater ponds and represents the future of commercial fish in the United States. Antibiotic and hormone free, with a day’s notice this premium fish arrives still in rigormortis. So fresh it’s barely even dead.